We caught up with Ron Fisher, CEO & Co-Founder of Mesh Analytics ahead of his session at the CMO Summit New York on March 15.


Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Ron Fisher Ceo and co founder of Mesh. I'm a second time founder in the AI Space, and my first startup was acquired by Mind Body in 2019. I'm a Cornell tech grad and I live right here in New York City.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming CMO Summit?

At this year's CMO Summit will be diving into a hot topic on every B2B CMOs, mind revenue attribution. Is it an endeavor worth pursuing or a total waste of your efforts? You'll hear from a range of experts about how and if these types of analyses are possible, and if done correctly, the type of actionable insights you can derive that'll make a difference to your bottom line. Come prepared for a thought provoking discussion and bring your own opinions and stories to the table.

What are you looking forward to most about the CMO Summit?

I'm looking forward to connecting with other thought leaders in the marketing space and to discussing the cutting edge technology that's been coming out in the past few years. That's fundamentally changing the way marketers work, especially in a B2B environment.

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