On November 10th, we’re gathering together (virtually) some of the most dynamic and exciting marketing leaders in the world for our CMO Summit.

At the summit, you’ll be able to listen to talks, and ask speakers questions on a huge range of subjects, including (but not limited to)...

One talk we’re particularly excited about is Francesco Federico, CMO of JLL, and Michael Robin Manning, Former Executive Director of Global Marketing at MindBridge, discussing their big marketing predictions for 2023.

If recent times have shown us anything, it’s that you never know what’s around the corner, which makes it essential for you as a CMO to have your finger on the pulse, and make educated decisions on what’s going to be useful to you further down the line, or know what proactive measures you can take to counter any obstacles that may arise.

And there are few better people in the world to give you the information about what the future could look like than Francesco and Michael.

We caught up with Francesco to get a sneak preview of what they’re covering on November 10th…

Hi, Francesco! We’re very excited about your talk at the CMO Summit. We’ve just got some quick questions about it, which we’re sure our audience is interested in.

First up, at this time of year, there’s often lots of talk about “next year’s marketing trends”, and they’re usually just looking at literal trends: what’s the latest thing that everyone’s talking about, what shiny new tech are we going to be seeing everywhere, and all that kind of stuff that often winds up being just a flash in the pan.

Can you tell us why your marketing predictions are more than that?

Rather than indicating individual, emerging trends, we are focusing our attention on trends that have already emerged, how they’re evolving, and that are now converging. We’ll be digging deep into how these intersections create value for brands and customers alike. It will be more about connecting the dots than listing trends: I promise you will not listen to yet another Top Ten Trends list!

Without giving too much away, can you tell us a bit about one of the predictions you’ll be covering, and why it’s important to CMOs in 2023?

One of the clear trends emerging is the convergence of conversational marketing with personalization. In a world where consumers expect to be anticipated by relevant and personal experiences, I think contextual conversational marketing will be fundamental in the digital pathway to revenue.

Popups and offer codes will not cut it anymore in 2023: brands will need to engage in real-time with users whilst they have their attention, not necessarily to convert them immediately into customers, but to transform that moment of interaction into a value add for both sides.

To my previous point, this is a singular moment that sees predictive technologies, customer care centers, and UX design come together to delight, convert and retain.

Are there any other talks or topics being covered at the summit that you’re excited about?

I am keen to hear from Dan (Dan Cote, CMO of Influitive) and Julie (Julie O’Brien, CMO of AttackIQ) – I loved their session title “From spending to investing in customers”.

I am looking forward to hearing a fresh interpretation of the old business rule that it is far cheaper to retain an existing customer, than attracting a new one. This is going to be especially important as we brace for choppy waters in 2023.

Thanks, Francesco, see you on November 10th!

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