About us

The CMO Alliance is a collective of passionate Chief Marketing Officers all over the world. We launched in January 2021 and now we’re on a mission to support CMOs to do great things.


Because CMOs are integral to the success of organizations large and small. They’re at the centre of strategy, execution, and growth. And now they’re the heart of our community.

We want to provide a haven for our fellow CMOs to connect with each other, learn from each other, and be a catalyst for each other’s success.

Together, we can achieve greater things.

So, whether you’re an experienced CMO, new to the role, or looking to make that leap into the C-suite, we’re here to join your journey.

What we do*

Our community is open to CMOs and aspiring CMOs from every industry and background from anywhere on the planet (and in the future, maybe beyond that too!), offering the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and communicate new ways of innovating and enhancing the role of CMOs and the field of marketing as a whole. If you've got questions, we'll help you find the answers. If you've got answers, we'll put you in front of the right audience.

  • Our in-house experts regularly update our blog with great insights and guides, along with community contributions from leading CMOs from around the world (if you want to contribute something, find out how here).
  • We'll bring you in-depth reports containing the insights, stats, and advice you need to excel in your CMO role, from the latest on management practices to important market research.
  • Our events (digital and hopefully someday soon in-person!) offer a platform for CMOS from the US to Australia, Brazil to Bulgaria, Chile to China, (and many other alliterating regions of the world) to facilitate knowledge-sharing and real human-to-human networking opportunities.
  • Our soon-to-be certification suite will arm you with all the tried and tested techniques and leadership methods that CMOs at some of the world’s biggest brands are already using and bagging results with.

*We’re still pretty new and the team very much appreciate their sleep, so this list is a blend of what already exists and what’s on our roadmap.

We’re proudly part of The Alliance umbrella.

The Alliance is the world’s most forward-thinking professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals worldwide.

Through market-leading accredited courses, unrivaled membership plans, industry-shaping reports, thriving communities, and first-class events, it’s redefining the way companies access education and scale.

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