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Just like our members, we’re always eager to learn new things. So with this in mind, we’re happy to offer a platform for you to share your insights into the role of the modern CMO, some top tips on how marketing strategy, management skills or just about anything else you think might be useful to the community.

Why us?

We aim to connect CMOs in order to give valuable insights to elevate their role. To be part of that conversation, this is the place to start. We’ll put your content in front of CMOs all over the world.

Once your content is on the site, we’ll:

  • Share the content with the rest of the community
  • Promote it across all of our social media channels

We’ll promote your personal brand for you.

Ready to rock and roll? Here’s how to get started.

How to contribute

Step 1: submit your subject

Before you get started, give us a heads-up on what you’re planning on writing about. Drop us a line at

We’re open to a wide range of subjects but we need to make sure that:

  1. It’s relevant to CMOs.
  2. It’s not in conflict with something else we or other contributors might have in the pipeline.

Need some ideas? Check out our editorial calendar.

Download the editorial calendar

Step 2: follow the rules

While we’re pretty laid back about the range of content, we do have some guidelines you’ll need to follow to get onto the site.

  • Articles need to be no less than 800 words
  • Any images provided must be royalty-free
  • We’ll need a picture of the author and a short bio (150 words max)

Also, while we always appreciate a good hustle, we’d prefer you didn’t use the article to promote your own (or business’) products and services. For that, check out our sponsorship opportunities instead.

Our editors reserve the right to rewrite and cut copy, change the title of your article or modify the piece as necessary.

We do accept articles that have been previously published elsewhere, however, there will be a three week waiting period for a live date if the article sent is newly published. Articles that are not exclusive to CMO Alliance will include a canonical link back to the original post.

Likewise, we request that contributed articles remain exclusive to CMO Alliance for three weeks from publication, after which time they can be republished, with a canonical link back to our site.

Step 3: Submit your work

Include the link/attachment to your article, if it's already written, along with your profile pic and bio, unless you’re already set up as a contributor.

Yawn, time for the boring bits…

Image policy

We include images with every post. Stock photography will be chosen by our team and will be posted with your entry unless you have a particular image you wish to use. By including any photos, screenshots, or images, you consent to allow CMO Alliance to post this image with proper credit to you and/or the creator.

Links in your post should be relevant to the story you’re telling and provide context to your audience. When referring to another article or piece of research, please use proper citation or link to the source material.

Syndication policy

We reserve the right to use any and all contributed content, with credit to any authors, in its entirety or in portions for promotional purposes, including in social media, other blogs, or newsletters. CMO Alliance may choose to cross-post to Medium, LinkedIn, other blogging services, or our affiliated communities.