One of the biggest changes brought on by the COVID pandemic has been the big shift to remote working across many industries, marketing included. Many people are indicating that this could signal a normalization of this practice, with many workers indicating their desire to continue, even when the pandemic has passed. So how can CMOs adapt when it comes to running their teams?

Well, Liam Martin, CMO, and co-founder of Time Doctor, and one of the chief organizers of the remote working conference, Running Remote, not only has some advice on how to make the most from remote working teams, he believes with a passion that remote working is the next big step in improving every industry.

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Key talking points

  • The effectiveness of remote working vs. on-site teams.
  • Creative collaboration in a remote organization.
  • Where CMOs can find the resources they need to excel.

About the guest

Liam practices what he preaches when it comes to remote work: he’s been remote working for 15 years. And for 10 years of that he’s been a tireless advocate for the benefits of remote work, both as the CMO and co-founder of Time Doctor, one of the leading applications for tracking and monitoring remote teams, and in his work with Running Remote, the world’s largest remote work conference.

Under his watch, Time Doctor has grown to 150 teams, split across 43 countries, all working remote, without a single office. As he says: "We have never had an office, nor do we ever want to have an office, if I ever say that I got one, I've probably sold out."

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