Some brands inspire something more than loyalty: they gain a core group of customers that are almost cult-like in their devotion, willing to sing your praises constantly on social media, cover themselves in your logos (whether that's stickers, clothing, or even tattoos), or queue round the block overnight for every single product launch.

But what sets these brands apart, and is it something CMOs can leverage?

On this episode of CMO Convo, we're joined by Dan Cobb, Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of Daniel Brian Advertising, to examine some of the biggest brands, what about them inspires such devotion, and what CMOs can do in the world of irrational advocacy.

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Key talking points

  • What is irrational advocacy, and what does it mean for brands?
  • Why do some brands create passion when their competitors don't?
  • Navigating the difficult waters of brand values.

About the guest

As its Chief Strategy Officer and brand consultant, Daniel Cobb co-founded Daniel Brian Advertising on a vision for purpose-driven marketing. Named a Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Consulting/Services Company" by Healthcare Tech Outlook, a "Top Social Media Marketing Company" by Clutch, a "Top 10 Digital Agency" by CIO Review, and a "Top 10 Social Media Agency" by InfluenceGrid, Daniel Brian Advertising is a digital-first brand agency providing emotional connections and measurement at every touchpoint of the consumer journey.

Some of DBA's past and current clients include Consumers Energy, Papa Johns, Hungry Howie's Pizza, Mercy Medical Center, and Valley Children's Hospital. Their work has garnered dozens of industry awards, including 24 Emmy Awards.

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