It's pretty clear at this point that effective AI use in marketing still requires a considerable amount of human oversight.

AI can do many things, but it still needs that human touch to connect with audiences.

But what if the reverse was true? What if intelligent use of AI actually allowed you to build more human connections with your audience?

That's the belief of Jason Hemingway, CMO of Phrase, and he joins us to discuss how AI allows us to go beyond just surface-level personalization and localization, and really start connecting with our audiences on a true cultural, linguistic level.

Avoid cultural faux pas that have plagued translation and localization for pretty much ever. Open up your talent pools and be able to hire without linguistic barriers. Speak to any customer around the world in human terms in the language they use every day.

Explore the possibilities of AI in the realm of personalization, translation and localization in this episode.

Key talking points

  • Why we're still a long way from AI being able to operate in marketing without considerable human oversight.
  • How AI can break down barriers toward effective localization.
  • The importance of speaking to audiences in their own language.

About the guest

The CMO of Phrase, Jason is a marketing veteran with 20+ years of experience in B2B marketing, CIM qualified and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Jason has considerable experience running multinational marketing strategies for a variety of B2B tech solutions.

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