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Maybe you've heard of a little thing called ChatGPT, and how it's making major waves in the world of marketing. And some of the biggest waves are in the bountiful seas of content marketing.

It wasn't too long ago that many marketers were convinced that written content would always rely on teams of human writers. But now serious discussions are going on about having generative AI doing the bulk of the work.

But are these the right discussions to be having? And are we maybe missing the bigger picture on the impact of AI on the entire concept of content and inbound marketing as a whole?

It's these questions we're digging into with Lindsay Boyajian Hagan, VP of Marketing at Conductor in this episode of CMO Convo.

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Key talking points

  • Should you be seriously thinking about using Ai and ChatGPT to produce all of your content?
  • What skill sets are likely to be important for content marketers in the future?
  • A look at the big picture and how generative Ai could impact organic search and inbound marketing as a whole.

About the guest

With over a decade in B2B digital marketing, Lindsay Boyajian Hagan has developed considerable skills in product marketing and demand generation, with extensive experience as a leader managing major budgets and brands.

Lindsay is a keen thought leader in the space, having founded Product Marketing NYC Meetup, and is a frequent speaker at major industry events.

As VP of Marketing at search and content intelligence platform, Conductor, Lindsay oversees the brand's entire global marketing strategy.

About our sponsor: Dreamdata

Dreamdata was born out of the founders’ own experience. In their own ways, Lars, Ole, and Steffen struggled to gain a holistic understanding of what impact different teams in the organization were having on revenue. The solutions available were siloed and offered little insight into the long and complex B2B customer journey.

They needed a solution designed specifically for B2B. A product that could replace the siloed tools and help understand the full value of actions. One which would continually be developed, and crucially, not drain internal resources.

They couldn’t find one. So they built Dreamdata.

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