CMOs of the world: what are your thoughts on the future? Is it scary? Hopeful? Somewhere in between?

No matter what you think it looks like, it might be down to you to shape it in your organization.

Jason McClelland, CMO of Shutterstock, believes it's one of his chief responsibilities to be a catalyst for change in his role, whether it's preparing for trouble, or capitalizing on opportunities.

He's with us on CMO Convo to explain why this is so integral to the role of every CMO, and how they can go about enacting the change their organizations need.

Find out what the future holds for you by listening to the episode.

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Key talking points

  • Why looking to the future is essential to the CMO role.
  • What kind of challenges and opportunities CMOs could face soon.
  • Why CMOs are perfectly placed to be the catalysts for change in their organizations.

About the guest

Jason McClelland is Chief Marketing Officer at Shutterstock. Jason joined Shutterstock in 2022, bringing transformational experiences in leading both e-Commerce and Enterprise/SMB marketing strategies, as well as a proven track record in building Marketing teams for high performance.

Most recently, Jason served as CMO of hyper-growth company, Algolia. Prior to that, he was CMO of Heroku (a Salesforce company), after spending the majority of his career at Adobe assisting in Adobe's Creative Cloud SaaS transformation.

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