As with many things in life, risk can come with reward in marketing. But how can you sell those risks to other stakeholders as a CMO?

If anyone knows the answer to that, it’s our guest on this episode, Christy Raedeke, who prides herself on having built a career on taking calculated risks to great success.

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Key talking points

  • The biggest risks in Christy’s career, how they paid off, and how she got brands on board.
  • How Christy developed her propensity for calculated risk-taking.
  • When and how to take risks as a CMO.

About the guest

Christy Raedeke started her marketing career in the 80s working for a (then) small technology company called Microsoft. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Since then she’s worked with a range of global brands, both agency-side and in-house.

She’s made a career of risky marketing activations, which include the first live-streamed ascent of Mt. Everest, poking fun at insomniac presidents, and building a pop-up shop 6000 feet up a cliff face.

Currently, she’s taken the reins as CMO at at the french textile technology company, Chargeurs PCC, which despite having a history of over 150 years, has never had a CMO, nor a centralized marketing department, making her a pioneer in that respect as well.

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