Want to be a great CMO? Maybe you should learn to be a product marketer! Our guest, Dave deCourcelle, certainly thinks so, which is why this episode is all about what being a product marketer has taught him and how it allowed him to excel as a CMO.

We dive into what it means to be a product marketer, how that assists you in a CMO role, and where to go if you’re looking to develop product marketing skills to level up your CMO capabilities.

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Key talking points

  • Principles of product marketing.
  • The skills required in a product marketer that make for great CMOs.
  • Resources and methods for learning product marketing skills.
  • Advice for product marketers looking to make the jump into the C-suite.

About the guest

Having cut his teeth in the marketing world agency-side, it was when Dave made the jump into the start-up world at Fullscreen Media that he started to get involved with product and product marketing.

Product marketing in a start-up allowed Dave to develop a diverse array of skills and instilled him with a philosophy as a marketer that is rooted in a deep understanding of a company’s products and the ability to get into the weeds when necessary.

Having owned Fullscreen Media’s influencer marketing product positioning, competitive analysis, go-to-market strategies, and messaging frameworks across multiple products, Dave made the jump into the CMO role at Laber, a construction contracting startup, where he put his product marketing skills to good use growing the business and their product offerings.

Most recently, Dave is heading up his own consultancy business, The Growth Fountain, while coaching B2B and B2C tech start-up founders as an advisor for Start Ventures.

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