Growth CMO Report 2022-23


We're back - and we're bigger and better than ever.

Last year, we brought you our very first report, The Growth CMO Report 2021.

Now with many CMOs struggling to establish and meet growth goals, it’s time to remove the obstacles ahead of 2023.

Want to find out what you need to succeed? Need a snapshot of how other CMOs are dealing with their current challenges, so you can build an effective response?

Discover all this and more in the Growth CMO Report 2022-23.

What’s in the report?

In this report, you’ll find:

  • The best practices for establishing realistic growth goals, which decision-makers are important, and which departments you need to work closest with for success.
  • Information on how to build an effective, growth-focused marketing team, along with the tools you need to equip them with.
  • How CMOs are tackling the economic crises facing regions right now, and steps you too can take to not just survive, but thrive as a CMO.

Some key facts to whet your appetite…

  • Brand and Customer Marketing are becoming much more important aspects of growth-focused marketing teams.
  • CMOs who regularly collaborate with Finance departments are 21.7% more effective at meeting growth goals.
  • Roughly half of all CMOs have gaps in their tech stacks preventing them from meeting their goals.
  • CMOs who have their growth goals dictated to them without any collaboration are 15.11% less effective at meeting their goals than those who collaborate with their CEO and the C-Suite.
  • A lack of clear, shared goals is the biggest obstacle to inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Marketing teams built with meeting growth goals as a top priority are 44.18% more effective at meeting their goals than those built without it as a consideration.
  • Over half of CMOs don’t have access to enough data to reach their growth goals.
  • Economic downturns have affected the growth goals of 58.5% of CMOs.

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