Nominate the CMOs to watch in 2023


Wayyyyyy back in January of 2022, we released our list of CMOs to watch in 2022, to highlight some of the best and brightest CMOs you needed to be paying attention to.

And with 2023 rapidly approaching, it’s now time to look ahead towards the CMOs and marketing leaders that are going to be defining MMXXIII (as they say in Ancient Rome).

Know someone who is on the cutting edge of marketing strategy? Are they fantastic builders and leaders of marketing teams? Maybe they’re making the world a better place with the work they’re doing. Whatever your reason, we want to hear about it, get your nominations in now!

Why should you make a nomination?

Our CMOs to watch list is a little different than the usual lists of top CMOs you might see out there. We aren’t interested in just listing the marketing leaders of massive brands, just because they’re the marketing leaders of massive brands.

We want to know about the CMOs that are really making a difference in how you operate. No company too small, no level of experience necessary. If they’re a CMO that should be on others’ radar, send their names our way!

What next?

We’ll go through the nominations, and if we think they fit our criteria, we’ll get in touch with the nominees for their profiles in the CMOs to watch in 2023 list.

They’ll be able to attach a badge to their social media profiles, proudly proclaiming them to be one of CMO Alliance’s CMOs to watch.

With the publication of the report, we’ll ensure that they’re tagged in any relevant social media posts we put out, and their names will be included in other promotion and marketing we do around the list.

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