State of Market Research Report


It’s here, your ultimate resource on how marketing leaders are currently conducting market research.

We partnered with our affiliate community, Product Marketing Alliance, and martech maestros, Semrush, to do a deep dive into how marketing leaders are currently conducting market research in their organizations. What are they researching? Who is conducting the research? What tools are they using? And ultimately, how valued is their research in their organizations?

The results are in, and ready for you to explore.

What’s in the report?

We surveyed over 100 marketing and product marketing leaders on their current approaches to market research, and here’s a snapshot of some of the key findings we uncovered:

  • Organizations that place higher value on market research to drive their decision-making were more likely to hit their revenue goals.
  • 28.57% of organizations are only conducting market research on an ad hoc basis, and those organizations were the most likely to have failed to meet revenue goals.
  • Over half of marketing leaders believe that they don’t have enough time to conduct effective market research.

Along with our survey, our report is packed with expert insights from market research masters.

About our sponsor: Semrush

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