The Growth CMO Report 2024


Are you ready for the biggest, most extensive, comprehensive report on CMO goals we’ve ever produced?

Back for its third edition, The Growth CMO Report is our flagship report where we take a look at everything that impacts CMOs’ abilities to beat their growth and revenue goals.

2024 is presenting many challenges for CMOs, from macroeconomic factors to shrinking budgets, which means it’s more important now than ever before to scrutinize your goals and ensure you’re sufficiently equipped to meet them.

And, for the first time ever, we let the AI-generated cat out of the bag, as we examine the impact AI is actually having on how CMOs meet their goals.

What’s in the report?

By downloading this report, you’ll gain the most up-to-date information out there on what the current landscape looks like for CMOs. 

Gaining best practices, expert advice, and key stats to help with: 

  • The best practices for establishing realistic growth goals, which decision-makers are important, and which departments you need to work closest with for success.
  • Information and advice on how to build an effective, growth-focused marketing team, along with the tools you need to equip them with.
  • How CMOs are responding to macroeconomic factors and shrinking budgets.
  • The impact of AI on how CMOs are pursuing their goals.

A few key findings to whet your appetite

  • With budgets tightening, marketing generalists are becoming essential for marketing teams.
  • Goals set by CEOs without collaboration with their CMO are 22.65% less realistic than those developed in collaboration.
  • Marketing teams that regularly collaborate with Sales are 20.58% more effective at meeting growth goals. Unfortunately, Sales is also the most difficult department for Marketing to collaborate with.
  • Lack of resources is the biggest blocker to effective interdepartmental collaboration to reach goals.
  • Marketing teams built with meeting growth goals as a top priority are 55.23% more effective at meeting their goals than those built without it as a consideration.
  • Over half of CMOs don’t have access to enough data to reach their growth goals.
  • 66.21% of CMOs have gaps in their tech stacks preventing them from meeting their goals.
  • Only 20% of CMOs say that AI tools have had a positive impact on their ability to meet their goals.
  • 85.8% of CMOs stated that economic factors have impacted their goals. Many of them are tightening their budgets even further as a result.

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