The Growth CMO Survey 2023/24


We’re back with the newest edition of our Growth CMO Survey!

Driving growth has been one of the most important duties of CMOs, so once again we’re taking a big look at how growth goals are currently being set, met, and measured, and how it all relates to the role of CMOs and their marketing teams.

But we’re not stopping there! We’re well aware that many businesses have pivoted from growth-focus to ensuring profitability, so we’ll also be examining that.

Before we get there, we’re offering you the opportunity to provide your insights as a collaborator on this industry-defining report.

Learnings from last year

Here’s a snapshot of some of the most illuminating findings from last year:

  • Brand and Customer Marketing are becoming much more important aspects of growth-focused marketing teams.
  • CMOs who regularly collaborate with Finance departments are 21.7% more effective at meeting growth goals.
  • Roughly half of all CMOs have gaps in their tech stacks preventing them from meeting their goals.
  • CMOs who have their growth goals dictated to them without any collaboration are 15.11% less effective at meeting their goals than those who collaborate with their CEO and the C-suite.
  • A lack of clear, shared goals is the biggest obstacle to inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Marketing teams built with meeting growth goals as a top priority are 44.18% more effective at meeting their goals than those built without it as a consideration.
  • Over half of CMOs don’t have access to enough data to reach their growth goals.
  • Economic downturns have affected the growth goals of 58.5% of CMOs.

So how are we building on these findings?

As well as seeing how our findings have developed, we’re going to be tackling some new topics.

Last year’s survey was conducted when economic downturns were just starting to have an impact on companies, with only a few companies still being on profitability over growth. This year, with a considerable period of tough times behind us (and still in full swing in many places), we want to know where growth fits into marketing strategies in a world where the focus has shifted.

Another big thing that happened since our last report was AI marketing finally hitting the mainstream. While many marketers have been using AI tools for a while, 2023 was the year when it shifted from a “nice-to-have” to “why-the-heck-aren’t-you-using-AI-already.” But are the promises of AI living up to the reality of its impact on CMO’s strategies? Let’s find out!

How can you help?

By providing your insights, you’ll allow us to create an in-depth, industry-spanning report on the state of growth and how it relates to CMOs. We’re also offering opportunities in certain sections for you to be included as a collaborator in the final report.

Certain questions (labeled in the survey) will allow you to provide strategic thought leadership advice. If your response is particularly effective, we will reach out to you for approval to quote you, with full citation and a feature on our contributors’ page.

It’s the perfect opportunity to position yourself as a leading voice in the CMO Alliance, and an expert on growth and revenue goals.

Once you’re done

We’ll take your exclusive wisdom and put together the Growth CMO Report 2023/24. All your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared externally without your express permission.

If there are other insights you’d like to be included in the report that aren’t covered by the survey, please contact

Either way, by contributing to the Growth CMO Survey 2023/24, you’ll get the finished report before anyone else.