There’s a LOT for CMOs to deal with in 2024, which means you need to be equipped with the right tools and resources.

We asked this year’s CMOs to Watch for the resources they’re going to be relying on in 2024 for success.

Discover the tools and assets you need to triumph as an unrivaled marketing leader in 2024.

Frida Ahrenby, Dr. Amine Arezki, and Amira Barger

Frida Ahrenby headshot

Frida Ahrenby

CMO of GetAccept

“Demand Gen Marketers, Product Marketing Managers, Content and SEO wizards, and SDRs.”

Amine Arezki headshot

Dr. Amine Arezki

Director of Marketing & Communications at Thales

“To excel in 2024, I'll rely on several key resources:

“Listen and observe: Firstly, the most fundamental resources we often overlook are our senses – continue with the ability to listen and observe. These are critical in understanding the environment and making informed decisions.

“Talents: Secondly, a talented and diverse team will be indispensable. Their fresh perspectives and creativity will energize our campaigns. It's crucial to inspire and instill confidence in the team, enabling them to adapt, propose, and drive projects.

“Data analytics: Thirdly, I will be leveraging cutting-edge marketing technology and data analytics tools. These will provide deeper insights into market behavior and preferences, enabling us to tailor our strategies effectively.

“Partnerships: Lastly, industry partnerships and collaborations will be key. They’ll keep us informed about emerging trends and technologies, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry.”

Amira Barger headshot

Amira Barger

Executive Vice President Head of DEI Communications & Advisory at Edelman

“My community of fellow marketers and communicators – I’m consistently inspired by the leaders around me who move with clarity, intention, and integrity. Being surrounded by fellow CMOs makes me better.”

Emmanuelle Benoliel, Adam Boita, and Christine Buck

Emmanuelle Benoliel headshot

Emmanuelle Benoliel


“The most important parts of my toolset are Pavilion, Reforge, Refine Labs, and of course CMO Alliance!”

Adam Boita headshot

Adam Boita

CMO of Ecologi

“Insights and data that enable us to be culturally relevant, differentiate, and stand out. We can then leverage this through our Creative (based on customer truths & insights from sales) x Media (based on customer habits) x Tech (based on customer intent + self/digital attribution) = Long-term brand success. Of course, this doesn't happen without brilliant and talented people both on Ecologi's side and our agency partners.”

Christine Buck headshot

Christine Buck

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of HIMSS

“Data, data, and more data! Analytics, research, and market intelligence are going to be a big focus for me in 2024 in service to our members and clients. My team and I are already looking carefully at ways we can leverage emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence) in marketing applications.”   

Carolyn Chiang Rosebrough, Miruna Dragomir, and Monica Elgemark

Carolyn Chiang Rosebrough headshot

Carolyn Chiang Rosebrough

Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Lime

“I’m constantly evaluating where to place bets, how we can best serve the business, and what are priority areas of expansion that can net us the biggest impact.

“My biggest resource for 2024 is continuing to invest in my team. At Lime, we have a company-wide dedication to doing work in-house. This extends all the way from our vehicle design, and software development, to our Communications and Brand Marketing teams.

“I’ve found that the magic is in building a foundation together, very intentionally- clarifying the mission of the company, bringing consistency to the brand voice, simplifying ways of working that often inadvertently become way too complex during rapid growth, and testing scrappy campaigns together. Once we’ve established this, we can bring soul into it all, breathe new life into the brand, and continue to lead to differentiation for Lime.

“We’re currently coming off of our best year in the history of Lime. As a result, as the business continues to grow and expand its needs, our marketing team will be there to support, guide, and execute our brand vision at every turn.”

Miruna Dragomir headshot

Miruna Dragomir

CMO of Planable

“My biggest resources are the websites, There’s an AI for That, How to SaaS, SaaStr, Gobbledy, and Reforge.

“And of course, the CMO Alliance and Product Marketing Alliance Communities!

Monica Elgemark headshot

Monica Elgemark

CMO of Oneflow

“In 2024, our success won't come from one thing alone; it's about different efforts working together. Our main goal is to create content that truly matters, making us an appealing brand. We want customers to love our products, so we're putting a lot of energy into clever marketing and communication.

“A significant part of this involves personalized communication, triggered by what our customers do. To make all this possible, our marketing team is closely collaborating with both sales and the product department. By working together, we're ensuring our message is clear, our brand is attractive, and people genuinely enjoy using our products. This teamwork is the key to our success in 2024.”

Drew Fine, Alberto Gerin, and James Gilbert

Drew Fine headshot

Drew Fine

Fractional CMO with Rion Aesthetics

“Based on [2023] I would guess this is an ever-evolving question. I’m using tools now that I didn’t use last January, so I’m going to be open-minded to the best solutions. I would bet that ChatGPT/AI continue to be big pieces of my resource arsenal and tools to enhance virtual collaboration will continue to grow with leaps and bounds (love me some, asana, etc.).”

Alberto Gerin

Alberto Gerin

CMO of Modefinance

“My answer will be people as number one! Then, I'll put tools, processes, and inter-team communication. especially put on with the sales and customer experience departments.”

“The rise of AI is something we are already testing and implementing, and the next steps within our strategy will be a wider focus on the adoption of technologies for better product marketing. I do think that's the backbone of a successful marketing strategy, through thorough market research, a complete competitive analysis, and the correct definition of brand message and positioning, we'll be able to continuously support and drive business success. especially put on with the sales and customer experience departments.”

“While technology is nothing new (just think of how marketing has embraced tools like SEO support, CRMs, data analytics, and lead generation instruments in the last 10 years) one of the major focuses is creating a valid framework, where integrating tools, defining objectives, using data, and communicating. This alignment will be especially put on with the sales and customer experience departments.”

James Gilbert headshot

James Gilbert


“Communities, networking, and LinkedIn!”

Jeremy Grinacoff, Lori Goode, and Dr. Leeya Hendricks

Jeremy Grinacoff headshot

Jeremy Grinacoff


“2024 will bring on a new set of challenges when thinking about business growth, marketing, and team building. As CMO, I will rely heavily on my team for human creativity and collaboration when developing content and specifically, short-form video. I’ve used AI for several marketing tasks, but I feel that true creative power comes from the collective environment and team.

“I’ll rely on market research tools such as Nielsen, Insider Intelligence, internal data to identify key customer behaviors and other publications. I‘ll also rely on technology to deliver a better, more personalized user experience and journey.

“Finally, proper financial and campaign planning will play a vital role in ensuring marketing initiatives align with business objectives to drive results.”

Lori Goode headshot

Lori Goode

CMO of Index Exchange

“In 2024, a key resource that I'll continue to focus on is the strategic use of data-driven insights. In today's rapidly-paced digital landscape with budget constraints and uncertainty, it's even more critical to apply data to marketing functions to ensure our investments are well-aligned and can effectively measure their impact. The use of data enables us to set clear benchmarks, assess the success of various tactics, and validate that our marketing tactics are intentional and aligned with our broader business objectives.

“I’ll also continue to lean into both customers and community. Understanding the changing landscape, customer challenges and needs, and perception will be critical for keeping a real-time pulse that allows us to be nimble and ensure we are focusing on the right things. Community has become even more important and will continue to be in 2024. Building diverse networks and leveraging relationships to learn best practices, share knowledge, and support each other is an essential part of being able to deliver your best work, especially when resources are constrained."

Leeya Hendricks headshot

Dr. Leeya Hendricks

CMO of Rimm Sustainability

“For the challenges of 2024, I’m going to be relying on:

“Cutting-edge technology: Leveraging the latest technological advancements for efficient workflows and data-driven insights.

“Human capital: Invest in talent development and collaboration, ensuring a skilled and motivated team.

“Strategic partnerships: Foster alliances with industry leaders to access shared expertise and stay abreast of market trends.

“Data analytics: Harness the power of robust data analytics tools to drive informed decision-making and strategic planning.”

Eric Herzog, Simon Hodgkins, and Eugina Jordan

Eric Herzog headshot

Eric Herzog

CMO of Infinidat

“A full marketing mix from channel to technical to digital to product to press and analyst relations and across all the functions of the marketing mix. What helps drive delivery is a powerful set of integrated marketing messages and tactics.”

Simon Hodgkins headshot

Simon Hodgkins

CMO of Vistatec

“Learning and leading opportunities. Many aspects of marketing require investments in time, effort, and costs. AI and other tools and strategies are areas to lead from in 2024.”

Eugina Jordan

Eugina Jordan

CMO of Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

“In 2024, our key resources are more than just tools; they're the channels that connect us with people. With the myriad of martech solutions available, we're placing a special emphasis on the channels that truly resonate with our customers. Search and Organic Social, Marketing Automation, SEO, and Collaboration tools are the backbone of our strategy, helping us meet our audience where they are.

“We're mindful that the heart of it all lies in understanding which channels matter most to our customers and tailoring our approach accordingly. It's not just about the numbers; it's about human connection. By focusing on these channels and being intentional about delivering real value, we're ensuring that our resources aren't just tools but bridges to meaningful interactions.”

Matthew Johnson, Enobong Kennedy, and Jenny Landin

Matthew Johnson headshot

Matthew Johnson

Founder of dimartec

“Of course, we’ll be continuing to focus on integrating AI and emerging technology. But perhaps most critically for me personally, it’ll be various industry and technology newsletters that help me keep pace with the latest movements.”

Enobong Kennedy headshot

Enobong Kennedy

Director of Marketing at ZOLA Electric

“Harness artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools for data analysis, customer segmentation, and personalized marketing campaigns.

“Utilize predictive analytics platforms to forecast trends, understand customer behavior, and optimize marketing strategies.”

Jenny Landin headshot

Jenny Landin

Global Marketing Director at Fiskars Group

“Key resources for next year will be focused around creativity and technology. Making sure we add creativity to everything we do to create qualitative reach and choose the appropriate media to get wider reach will be crucial. Technology with AI solutions will help us be more effective and free up time to achieve creativity and reduce costs.”

Matt Lattman, Gareth Mellor, and Yahya Mohamed Mao

Matt Lattman headshot

Matt Lattman

SVP of Card Acquisition Marketing at Discover Financial Services

“We have an amazing set of partners both internally and on the agency and publisher side. Open communication and partnership make us all better!”

Gareth Mellor headshot

Gareth Mellor

Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications at Downtown Music Holdings

“2024 will be very creative-led, so tools that will help us plan, execute, and review a substantial amount of visual assets that tell a broad story.”

Yahya Mohamed Mao headshot

Yahya Mohamed Mao

Head of Marketing & Communications at Swiss GRC

“My approach for 2024 integrates advanced analytics and AI for deep market and customer insights, alongside a robust CRM system for enhanced customer engagement. Marketing automation platforms will streamline our campaigns for efficiency across various channels. The core of our strategy is a talented marketing team, continually developed to stay ahead in the industry, supported by cutting-edge content creation tools for impactful communication.

“Social media strategies will be refined using analytics tools, and collaboration tools will keep our team cohesive and aligned, especially in remote or hybrid work environments. This balanced strategy leverages technology for insight and efficiency while fostering creativity and expertise in our team, aiming for impactful, customer-centric marketing initiatives.”

David Moreno, Tom Richards, and Rainer Stiller

David Moreno headshot

David Moreno

CMO of Virtualware

“Time and people. To drive exponential growth, it is essential to prioritize tasks where our contributions yield the most significant impact, which typically accounts for approximately 20% of our responsibilities. Delegating the remaining 80% to our proficient team fosters a shift toward prioritizing quality over quantity.

“By providing adequate training and empowering our team to fulfill their roles, it allows us to allocate more time and attention to our core objectives. I would suggest reading the book titled '10x Is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less' by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy as a valuable resource in this pursuit.”

Tom Richards headshot

Tom Richards


"My 'first team' (executive leadership team), trusted vendors and partners, our world-class product development team, and channel partners who will help the business scale.”

Rainer Stiller headshot

Rainer Stiller

Global CMO at Vertiv

“It’s important to build diverse teams that are eager to share knowledge with other individuals and groups in the company. Taking time to educate and collaborate with others builds a savvier organization that works better together and is more innovative and creative.

“Ideally, the project manager understands the challenges of the product engineer, the content writer understands the needs of the sales team, and so on. Time and budget are the variables that can help make or break our objectives.”

Matt Sutton, Kim Warne, and Maya Wasserman

Matt Sutton headshot

Matt Sutton

CMO of The Black Tux

“Internal expertise, external agency partners, and the advice of wiser and more experienced mentors.”

Kim Warne headshot

Kim Warne

Senior Vice President & CMO of Wesco International

“The powerful combination of our internal business marketing teams to develop programs that tap into top growth opportunities and our centralized Centers of Excellence to execute with distinction.”

Maya Wasserman headshot

Maya Wasserman

Director of Marketing, Home and Personal Entertainment at Sony Electronics

“Data, data, and more data. We are doing more research than ever, and compiling data from many different sources, both internal and third-party, to help drive our marketing. We’re leveraging first-party data more than ever and tying many activities to that data. We’re also relying on key agency partners to support us so we can scale, get insight into the market, and learn from what other brands are doing.”

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