Many CMOs are under pressure to deliver immediate results, often to the detriment of long-term plans that will drive sustainable growth.

This disconnect is a major contributor to that oh-so-short average tenure for CMOs we hear so much about.

That's why we sat down with Ariadna Navarro, Chief Growth Officer at VSA Partners, to discuss how CMOs can make the case to stakeholders on why time and resources need to be assigned to long-term plans.

Key talking points

  • The problem of the CMO Catch-22: balancing long-term plans with delivering immediate results.
  • Why long-term plans are important both externally (like brand building) and internally L&D).
  • How to make the case for long-term plans to internal stakeholders.

About the guest

As Chief Growth Officer at VSA Partners, Ariadna Navarro leads strategy, client engagement, and business development. Acknowledging the connective tissue between what a brand is and what a brand does allows her to have a unique perspective on where markets are going, what clients need, and how a brand can find a moment of differentiation in crowded markets.

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