The presence and use of artificial intelligence (AI) within marketing is growing stronger by the day. Sure, it comes with its limitations – and we can’t forget the importance of retaining a human touch – but it has the ability to help marketers far and wide in so many new and impressive ways. 

On April 18th, we hosted our AI for Marketers Summit – you can’t beat a great gathering of marketers, coming together to network, share their hard-won insights, and get to grips with some of the most prevalent topics in marketing today.

Naturally, we were keen to see how it went from a speaker's perspective, so we reached out to Jeremy Grinacoff, CMO at Cuddly, to get his take on what it was like speaking at and attending the event. 

How did you find out about the CMO event, AI for Marketers?

I was approached by Elena Simou, an event producer for CMOA, Revenue Marketing Alliance (RMA), and Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) (two of CMOA’s sister communities). Elena asked me to participate in the event as a speaker. 

What prompted you to attend & speak at the event?

I was keen to embrace the opportunity to share how AI can revolutionize marketing strategies and drive higher ROI, as this has been part of my work process for a while now. 

I was eager to discuss the practical applications of AI in marketing, from audience segmentation to campaign optimization in order to help other marketers improve their AI work processes.

What made this event stand out above market alternatives or in general?

The AI for Marketers Summit stood out due to its focused theme on actionable AI applications in marketing.

Unlike broader conferences, it drilled down into specific tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented.

Which aspects of the event did you find the most valuable? 

I enjoyed leading the round-table discussion. It provided a platform for real-time interaction and exchange of ideas amongst peers and experts. 

For example, discussing case studies where AI directly impacted marketing outcomes was incredibly insightful for the group and myself as a speaker.

Round tables are a great way to network and share expertise. They offer attendees the ability to come together and share their common pain points in real-time with their peers!

Have you gained any insights or knowledge from the event?

Absolutely. During the round table, the group had discussions on predictive analytics and customer behavior modeling using AI. 

Some of these topics were areas that I didn’t particularly focus on previously but have since integrated into my processes!

Has the event helped to enhance your marketing credentials?

Yes, participating as a speaker at the summit has bolstered my credentials; not only as a thought leader in integrating AI with marketing strategies but also as a marketing thought leader in general.

It has also been a highlight for my professional profile.

Has this experience helped you to network? 

The event was a fantastic networking opportunity. I connected with several participants and other speakers.

How has this experience impacted your professional growth or your career?

Speaking at the summit has enhanced my visibility in the marketing community and affirmed my expertise in marketing, paving the way for further speaking engagements and leadership opportunities.

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What would you say to fellow marketing professionals considering attending one of CMOA’s events?

I highly recommend attending CMOA events if you’re looking to stay ahead of marketing technology and strategies. 

The practical insights and networking opportunities are invaluable for anyone serious about advancing their marketing practices.

Any final thoughts?

The AI for Marketers Summit was an enriching experience that exceeded my expectations. It’s not just about learning new trends but understanding how to apply them strategically to benefit your specific marketing goals. 

I look forward to participating in future events and continuing to explore innovative ways to integrate AI into our marketing efforts.

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