It's one of the most common problems in marketing, particularly in SaaS: How do you get your sales and marketing function in alignment?

No organization wants to have their sales and marketing teams toiling away in silos, failing to communicate on key strategies and initiatives. misaligned goals lead to poor lead nurturing, and that has a very obvious negative impact on conversion.

But how do you get sales and alignment in order? That's what we wanted to find out. So, we sat down with seasoned marketing veteran Kelly Hopping to find out exactly how you can put actionable strategies in place so you can have your sales and marketing functions running along in sync.

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‎Show CMO Convo, Ep Kelly Hopping | Aligning sales and marketing | CMO Convo - 11 Jun 2024

In this episode we dive into that and more including the following:

✅ Key dos and donts for alignment

✅ Getting your team behind alignment

✅ Preparing your org for alignment

About the guest

Kelly Hopping is a seasoned marketing professional, with ample experience in both hardware and cloud-based technologies. In her current role, she's on a mission to establish Demandbase as the creator, pioneer, and leader of the Account Based market. Kelly showcases the importance of sales and marketing by facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

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