On March 15th 2023, we hosted our very first Big Apple-based in-person event - CMO Summit: New York.

We were thrilled to host this exclusive event in the home of some of the world's marketing names and get to meet our New York and New York-adjacent community members! Top it all off with exciting, dynamic talks on some of the biggest topics in the marketing industry, and you've got a winning combination.

We caught up with one of our community members, Ewelina Aiossa, Co-founder of beauty brand Clinical Skin, to get her thoughts on the event.

Hi Ewelina, thanks for attending the event! Why did you choose to attend the CMO Summit: New York? Was there anything special about it that set it apart from others that made it the right choice?

The CMO Summit’s robust and relevant agenda, inclusive of future-forward topics, and a guest speaker lineup made it a must-attend event. I have had it on my radar for a while now and blocked my calendar to accommodate the summit.  I also appreciate how condensed the content was and the opportunity to discover new vendors/solutions to better my marketing effort. I enjoyed networking and exchanging ideas with like-minded professionals.

Were there any particular events in the day that you enjoyed the most or found the most valuable?

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the presentation by the TikTok representative. It was quite enlightening and inspiring. In my mind, I have classified TikTok as a social media platform (that was wrong) that predominantly targeted and attracted Gen-Z users (another incorrect assumption). I enjoyed the case studies showcased and examples of UGC that went viral - they were a perfect mix of out-of-the-box/unexpected content + authentic/straightforward -  all collectively entertaining and quite memorable at the same time.

Was there anything about the event that set it apart from similar events you might have attended?

The agenda was quite intriguing and relevant to my day-to-day business. I also found the speaker/presenter lineup and topic covered to be of high interest and value to my profession. The event exceeded my expectations - I walked away with an increased roller deck of contacts, concrete ideas to implement, and new strategies to explore. It was also nice to mingle with peers across various industries and exchange ideas.

What were the main insights from the event that you’re going to put into practice in your role?

To jump on the AI wagon and put the budget aside to build out a TikTok strategy!

Has the event encouraged you to get further involved with the CMO Alliance?

Absolutely. I have opted into contributing content and sharing my expertise via podcast.

Would you recommend attending a CMO Alliance event to your peers?

Yes! Come with a notebook and a pen 😀

Would you be interested in attending another CMO Alliance event in the future?

Yes, as long as they are in my neighborhood!

What was your favorite part of the day?

Having an opportunity to learn (expand my horizons) and network.

Thanks, Ewelina!

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