Being a CMO Alliance Ambassador means you hold a special place in our community, and we love to learn more about them.

That's why we caught up with one of our newest ambassadors, David Moreno, CMO of Virutalware, to find out what led him to the community in the first place, and why he wanted to become one of our Ambassadors.

Hi David, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Virtualware?

I am currently the CMO at Virtualware, the European leader in the virtual reality space based in Bilbao, Spain. Truth be told, when I joined the company over 16+ years ago as a UX/UI designer and programmer, I never thought that this would ever be my job title.

I am in charge of Virtualware’s corporate brand and its flagship product VIROO® Go To Market strategy and I am also responsible for managing and leveraging the strategic tech alliances of the company.

For most of my life, I’ve either played or coached soccer. Or as we call it in Spain, fútbol. I love traveling with my family in our camper van. The adventure can take you where it needs to take you. It’s liberating!

How did you find out about the CMO Alliance community in the first place, and what motivated you to get involved?

I found the CMO Alliance on LinkedIn. I am a member of other Marketing or CMO-related communities, and I was looking for new connections, fresh ideas, and a more active community.

What have been some of the main benefits of the community for you?

Mainly engaging with people with similar challenges where you can learn and establish trusted relationships. I enjoy the CMO Introductions channel where new members share not only their marketing expertise or why they have joined the alliance but also their hobbies and life interests.

What motivated you to become a CMO Alliance Ambassador?

I thought that by serving as a CMO Alliance Ambassador I could help the community grow, gain visibility, and engage with marketing leaders globally and in Spain. There are few marketers in the Alliance from my region, I know there is a great community here that I would love to leverage through the CMOA community.

What are the main things you’re looking to achieve in this role?

  1. Build a strong and engaged community where people feel supported, motivated, and connected.
  2. Facilitate knowledge exchange and learning fostering an environment where members can exchange ideas, insights, and experiences.
  3. Elevate Virtualware's brand and our flagship VR product VIROO® visibility to attract a wider array of businesses to embrace the potential of Virtual Reality technology.

What key piece of advice would you have for marketing leaders right now in terms of building a peer support network?

What I've found is that being real, giving and taking equally, and keeping in touch regularly are important for building strong, lasting relationships in a network.

  1. Be open and honest, and share your wins and struggles. When you're authentic, trust grows, and it encourages others to share too, making the community more meaningful.
  2. Join discussions, share useful thoughts, and lend a hand when it's needed to create a team spirit where everyone benefits from working together.
  3. Stay involved regularly. Being consistent shows your commitment and helps forge a long-lasting community.

What is your main piece of advice for CMOs heading into 2024?

Build a strong bond with your CEO – it's vital. Working closely together can drive business success, innovation, and market leadership, paving the way for your success as a CMO. A solid partnership with your CEO is key to achieving these goals.

I will have the opportunity to share more about this topic in a roundtable discussion “CMO unplugged - airing challenges, finding solutions” at the CMO Summit on March 20, 2024, in New York. Join us here!

Thanks, David!

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