CMOs talk about growth ALOT, but usually, that’s just in relation to their company. In this episode, our guest, Patrick Edmonds, points out that as your company grows, your role as CMO does too.

We go into what that means and how to about adapting when your role can change completely in just a few months.

Full episode and more here.

You can also find a full write up here.

Key talking points

  • The importance of taking risks as a growth-focused CMO.
  • What it meant stepping into the CMO role at Proposify as an internal hire and the advantages that gave.
  • How Patrick’s role has changed as Propisfy has grown and how he’s adapted.

About the guest

Patrick’s background mainly lay in paid media and PPC until he was given the opportunity to step into the CMO role at the startup, Proposify.

In the space of five years, Patrick has seen his team grow from 10 to 100 and helped grow Proposify from $1 million ARR to $10 million, with over 10,000 customers.

Patrick attributes this success to an ability to get his hands dirty with data when necessary, understand his customers, and develop needle-moving strategies that focus on growth.

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