Who are the most important people for driving growth? It's a big question, but it's one we looked to answer in this year's Growth CMO Report.

In this episode, we sit down with Morgan J Ingram to discuss the most interesting findings from the report about personnel that CMOs need to rely on to help meet their growth goals: within their teams, how they collaborate with other departments, and what opportunities they have to connect with customers.

Key talking points

  • Team compositions and how they drive growth.
  • The most important departments for collaboration and how to get the most out of it.
  • The opportunities the right people can present in terms of growth and building valuable relationships with customers.

About the guest

Morgan J Ingram is the Founder and CEO of AMP, a strategic media company revolutionizing B2B GTM. With a decade of experience in content creation, Morgan is focused on leading the new era of narrative-led growth. Driven by the belief that the traditional methods of outbound sales and marketing are no longer effective, Morgan is spearheading a movement toward content-driven conversations that spark revenue. Creating a brand marketing narrative that stands out in a market saturated with similar products and features, is how companies will win.

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