Seen the news lately? In case you missed it, there's a lot going on, and a lot of causes that need support. But what role can CMOs and their brands have in driving change and benefiting society?

According to our guest, Katie Klumper, CEO and Founder of Black Glass Consulting, there's plenty of responsibility for CMOs and their brands, and plenty that you can do!

Check out the episode below to find out more about what you can be doing as a CMO to make your brand a benefit to society.

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Key talking points

  • Why it's important for CMOs and their brands to support the right causes.
  • Navigating internal politics and reconciling personal beliefs with company values.
  • Plenty of examples of leading brands that are doing things right (and a few that have gotten it wrong).

About the guest

Katie Klumper has considerable experience building and growing large-scale brands through modern start-up techniques. It's led to her being recognized by AdWeek as a Top 50 Most Indispensable Marketing, Media and Tech Executives, Direct Marketing News as a Top 40 Under 40, She Runs It Mother of the Year Award & AWNY Game Changer, and BCIT Distinguished Alumni.

In 2020, she co-founded Black Glass Consulting, a consulting agency aimed squarely at CMOs, which she leads as CEO.

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