Being aware of your customer’s voice and their relationship with your brand is an important part of being a great CMO. But why don’t we make that the core part of how we approach growth?

If anyone knows the power of customer voices, it’s Amanda Malko, CMO of G2, one of the world’s leading peer-review service providers. She joined us for an episode of CMO Convo to share the benefits of customer-led growth, and how CMOs can instill this approach across their entire organization.

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Key talking points

  • What does it mean to take a customer-led approach to growth?
  • The company-wide benefits of this approach.
  • Practicalities and metrics for CMOs to consider.

About the guest

Amanda Malko is the CMO of G2, the world’s largest software marketplace used by more than 60M software buyers each year. Amanda is an award-winning go-to-market leader with considerable experience accelerating the growth and reputations of category-disruptor brands and the entrepreneurial cultures behind them.

Her career spans both marketing and operational leadership roles, including Mailchimp, where she most recently led the company’s partner program and marketplace business. Prior to Mailchimp, she served as the CMO at 360i, named one of the 25 most influential marketing agencies of the 21st century and CMO of Tongal, a global creative marketplace with 120,000 writers, directors, and animators.

She frequently writes and speaks on marketing in the digital age, and has appeared in publications and on stage with AdAge, Mashable, the AMA, 4As, Forrester Marketing Forum, SaaStr, and more.

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