It's all too easy to think about marketing as just being something you do externally: demand gen, lead nurturing, customer marketing, etc. You know, all the big things you think you should be prioritizing as a CMO.

But despite the fact that for years we've been told that marketing should always be about your audience and customers, Tim Parkin is with us to show how we might just be getting it all backwards.

As a marketing consultant for a portfolio of multi-million dollar brands, Tim knows that the biggest success comes from brands that have strong internal marketing.

Check out this episode of CMO Convo to discover why the true power comes from (marketing) within...

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Key talking points

  • Why customers shouldn't always be your top priority.
  • How internal marketing can lead to external success.
  • Why neglecting company culture and employee branding can lead to disaster.

About the guest

Tim Parkin is a global consultant, advisor, and coach to marketing executives of many world-renowned brands. He specializes in helping marketing teams optimize performance, accelerate growth, and maximize their results.

By applying more than 20 years of experience merging behavioral psychology and technology seamlessly, Tim has unlocked rapid and dramatic growth for global brands and award-winning agencies alike.

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