If you're setting up an ABM strategy, and your first thought is about the tech you're going to need to purchase, stop!

That's the big message in this episode of CMO Convo. Our guest, Kristina Jaramillo, Founder of Personal ABM, believes CMOs are setting themselves up for long-term failure if they're building their ABM strategy around tech, rather than the core principles of ABM.

She joined us to share everything CMOs need to be thinking about with their ABM strategies before even thinking about purchasing ABM tech. Check out the episode to find out more!

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Key talking points

  • Why has ABM become synonymous with ABM tech (and why is that a problem)?
  • How to get started with ABM strategies that will set you up for future success.
  • The importance of starting off "tech-free" (at the beginning, at least).

About the guest

Kristina Jaramillo is the President of Personal ABM and is a featured ABM author on top websites, blogs, and publications including CMO Alliance, CMO Council, MarketingProfs, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, and many others.

Because of her firm’s personal account-based approach, clients are reversing no positions with Fortune 100 enterprises like UPS, winning accounts that were unresponsive for 5+ years, protecting accounts like P&G and increasing margin growth, and expanding globally with accounts like Sephora.

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