We're often told that customer is king, but how can you ensure the crown stays on their head through every interaction with your brand?

If any industry knows how important this is, it's restaurants and hospitality. That's why we spoke to Seth Temko, CMO of restaurant tech company PAR Technology, on how technology can be used to create a unified experience that doesn't just meet customer expectations, it exceeds them with gusto.

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Key talking points

  • What is a unified marketing experience, and why is it important?
  • Customer expectations, and how technology can help you meet them.
  • What the future holds, and outside-the-box thinking for technology.

About the guest

Seth Temko has always been driven to innovate. For him, it's the juncture of curiosity and drive. This had led him to have a varied career founding, collaborating, and supporting tangible products and digital solutions. Though this, he's developed extensive executive experience in brand marketing, digital growth marketing, product strategy, product management, manufacturing (domestically and internationally) and go-to-market strategy for endeavors new, small, growing, and Fortune 500.

Currently, he's leveraging his extensive experience as CMO of PAR Technology, one of the leading restaurant technology providers in the world.

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