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How to speak the language of the CFO for maximum growth

[Coming soon]

📅 July 30, 2024
⏰ 10:00am PST | 6:00pm BST

Learn how to effectively communicate with CFOs and drive maximum growth in your business. In this session, Katheline, Senior Director at LinkedIn, shares her expertise on transitioning from marketing to money making.

  • Discover the strategies and language that resonate with CFOs and unlock the potential for revenue generation.
  • Gain insights into the importance of data-driven decision making and how it impacts B2B sales.

Meet the speaker

Katheline Jean-Pierre, Senior Director, U.S. Financial Services, Enterprise Group, Linkedin Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn

Katheline is an accomplished Advertising Sales & Growth Marketing Executive who delivers proven strategies that drive sustainable growth at scale across various verticals in both B2B and B2C sectors. Her expertise spans from startups to Fortune 10 companies.

With deep insights into the ever-changing landscape, Katheline offers solid governance and expertise in emerging technologies, sales, blockchain, DEI, cybersecurity, retail, marketing, and product management. Her extensive experience in launching products in global markets and guiding commercialization using innovative business models makes her invaluable to companies aiming to scale, enter new markets, or leverage innovation for growth.

Panel | Cultivating dynamic and inclusive marketing teams to empower success

The success of any modern marketing endeavour hinges on the strength of the team behind it. A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing team composition and dynamics is no longer effective. To thrive, CMOs must cultivate dynamic and inclusive marketing teams that not only adapt to changing trends but also leverage the power of diversity to drive innovation and meaningful connections with customers.