With many countries starting to lift COVID restrictions, we've seen life return to many of the world's cities. But what will that life look like moving forwards? Has the pandemic forever changed how we experience cities? Has it changed how we interact with each other and brands? How can marketers keep up?

They're big questions that pretty much all CMOs will have to answer in the near-future, and it's one that our guest on this episode of CMO Convo, Esther, with her expertize in out-of-home marketing and experiences, is well positioned to answer.

You can find the full episode and more right here.

Key talking points

  • The potential long-term effects of the pandemic on how consumers live, move, and (for lack of a better term) consume in cities.
  • What consumers are looking for from brands in the future.
  • The new experiences and technologies that will be important to out-of-home in the future.

About the guest

Esther is the Chief Marketing Officer for Intersection, responsible for leading all aspects of marketing including B2B and B2C efforts, creative services, and content development.

During her tenure, Esther has launched Intersection’s first brand campaign, established a full service in-house creative agency, and has overseen the go-to-market strategy for 10+ new markets and partnerships. Esther is also the Executive Sponsor of WIN, Women at Intersection, where she champions the growth and development of our female leaders.

Previously at Condé Nast and Hearst, she spearheaded world-class solutions for advertisers and developed large-scale consumer events such as SELF’s iconic Workout in the Park and Good Housekeeping’s Shine On, a theatrical production at Radio City Music Hall.

A recognized leader in marketing and branding, Esther has created groundbreaking programs, designed to engage audiences and drive revenue. She holds a BA in Psychology from Queens College.

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