Data-driven CMO Report 2022

Data & Analytics

Data and marketing are inextricably linked, which means how CMOs utilize data is incredibly important. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at CMO’s relationships with data in our first Data-driven CMO Report.

Download the report to discover how leading CMOs are tackling data now, and how they’re preparing for changes in the future.

Why have we created this report?

In our Growth CMO Report 2021, we found that 4 in 10 CMOs stated they don’t have access to the data they need to meet their goals. With data informing so many marketing decisions, this was quite alarming.

At the same time, we’re aware of changes to data accessibility that have been crucial for digital marketing for a long time, such as Google’s end to third-party cookies, coupled with the rollout of various regional data protection laws.

As such, we wanted to examine both how CMOs are currently collecting and utilizing data, and what plans they have for the future.

What’s in the report?

Drawn from responses from over 120 leading CMOs, we cover…

  • How satisfied CMOs are with their current approaches to collecting and utilizing data.
  • The most important applications of data to modern CMOs,
  • The essential tools that CMOs use for collecting and analyzing data.
  • The most effective way to train your marketing teams to utilize data.
  • How worried CMOs are over changes to their data access, and what they’re planning in the event of those changes.

Here’s a sneak preview of the findings…

  • CMOs that are unhappy with their access to data are 72.22% more likely to be unhappy with their abilities to utilize data.
  • Customer data is currently the most important data to CMOs.
  • CRM platforms are the most important piece of marketing techstacks for CMOs.
  • Marketing teams trained through a combination of formal L&D programs are on average 70.7% more effective at collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data than those expected to develop their skills “on the job”.
  • Increased complexity and strictness of data laws is the biggest concern for CMOs in regards to their access to data.

Ready to take your approach to marketing data to the next level? Download the Data-driven CMO Report 2022 today.

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