You probably hear a lot about the importance and power of thoughtleadership in your role as a CMO.

It has many different forms and functions, which is why we're getting specific: the form and function of thoughtleadership in B2B marketing strategies.

We're joined by fractional CMO, Dr. Karthik Nagendra, who brings his fantastic expertise and insights on how to successfully wield thoughtleadership.

What's going to land with your audience? How does it need to be distributed? And ultimately, how do you measure success? We explore all this and more.

Key talking points

  • Why thoughtleadership is so important in B2B marketing.
  • Understanding your customers and responding to their needs with the right thoughtleadership.
  • Measuring your success and evolving your thoughtleadership strategy over time.

About the guest

With almost two decades of B2B technology and SaaS marketing experience under his belt, Dr. Karthik Nagendra is an award-winning marketing leader who has built a reputation for driving results. His creative and innovative approach has resulted in many award-winning marketing programs for leading brands like MeritTrac, Wipro Technologies, and Accenture among other major brands.

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