Businesses are growing increasingly complex, and the role of ops specialists is increasing in importance.

But ops doesn't happen in the background. They aren't your magic helpers tinkering away in the background doing everything without assistance.

For ops to be effective, the function and personnel need to be working closely with your marketing teams, and aligned with leadership's goals.

That's why we spoke to Joe Aurilia Jr, Senior Vice President of Operations at Cyware, to break down everything ops specialists want their CMOs to know for successful alignment and collaboration.

Key talking points

  • The power effective ops can have in driving marketing and business success.
  • Dispelling common misconceptions about ops functions.
  • Joe's five biggest lessons he wants CMOs to learn about working with ops.

About the guest

As Senior Vice President of Operations at Cyware, Joe Aurilia Jr. is fluent and effective across operational, technical, and strategic executive roles. He's a Swiss Army Knife of executive functions; having served at the executive level across diverse departments.

Joe is a seasoned operator with deep technical skills, strong business insights, and strategic prioritization. Joe has 20+ years serving leadership roles with extensive experience in both mature and start-up environments at both the regional and global scale.

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