With the depreciation of third-party cookies and increasing regulations, first-party data is becoming one of the most valuable assets for marketing leaders.

But could the data economy be rigged before it really starts?

Our reliance on third-party data platforms and ad placements means that you might have less control over your first-party data than you might think.

According to our guest, Nick Venezia, Founder of Centillion Group Inc. and Chief Data Officer at DeepPod, the first-party data economy could be a complete racket: you may even wind up paying to compete against your own data.

What does this mean for marketing leaders? How can CMOs succeed when the odds are stacked against them? Nick has the lowdown in this episode.

Key talking points

  • Why the first-party data economy is rigged from the start.
  • The implications this has for marketing leaders and brands.
  • How to overcome these challenges.

About the guest

With over 14 years of experience in the online advertising industry, Nick is a founder and chief data officer at Centillion Group Inc. and DeepPod, two innovative companies that leverage data science and marketing to optimize performance and growth for their clients. He has developed proprietary processes and algorithms that guarantee metric-breaking success for his clients, across all major digital and social platforms.

Nick's background in finance and mathematics gives him a unique edge in applying complex scientific principles to digital marketing. He holds a Series 65 license and is a CFA candidate, demonstrating his expertise and credibility in the financial industry. He is also part of an elite group of LinkedIn agency partners, helping to shape the future of the market-leading platform. Nick is passionate about creating value and impact through data-driven marketing solutions.

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