With over a billion users, LinkedIn stands as the largest B2B networking platform, making your profile your most significant online asset. So, as we enter the new year, now is a great time to assess this important real estate to elevate some of your attributes, and polish and leverage the profile sections to help you stand out in the growing sea of sameness.

Here is an easy-to-follow checklist of five strategic and impactful ways to consider to help elevate your profile. 

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1: Invest in a Professional Photo and Custom Banner.

Your profile picture and banner are the first things people see. A high-resolution, professional photo paired with a customized banner can set the tone for your profile. They're not just pictures; they're a visual handshake, a silent yet powerful introduction. No time for a headshot? There are a host of AI headshot platforms now available that can provide new photos right away. 

2: Craft a Compelling Narrative

Your headline is more than a job title; it's your chance to highlight your 'superpowers”. Use this space to shout out your unique value proposition. Incorporate keywords that are not only relevant to your industry but also resonate with your personal brand. 


Vice President, Strategy (NO)

Strategic Leader for Nation’s Top Fashion Brand Delivering YOY 20% Revenue Increases (Yes)

3: Optimize Your About Section

This is where your story unfolds. Don’t just list achievements; narrate your journey. Begin with a hook that grabs attention. Weave your experiences into a narrative that showcases how you’ve evolved in your career. What challenges have you overcome? What are your passions? Here are a few examples – notice how they tell a story that provides you insights into their philosophies and helps you understand exactly what they do and who they are – what gets them up every day to go to work? 

Here is a quick checklist to help you: 

Start with a captivating hook

The opening line of your profile should immediately grab attention. Share a snippet of your story that sparks curiosity. Why do you do what you do? What's your driving force? This hook is not just an introduction; it's an invitation to delve deeper into your professional world.

Narrate your professional journey

Your career isn't just a list of jobs and titles; it's a journey marked by evolution and growth. Narrate this journey in your About section. Share how you've grown, the challenges you've faced, and how they've shaped you professionally. This narrative approach turns your experiences into a compelling story.

Highlight your unique value proposition

What makes you stand out in your field? Identify and articulate your unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. This isn't just about what you do but how you do it differently. Your unique value proposition is what makes your profile memorable and engaging.

Use descriptive and emotive language

The language you use can transform a standard profile into an engaging narrative. Instead of stating facts, use descriptive language that paints a vivid picture of your professional ethos. For example, instead of saying, "I manage a team," consider, "My management philosophy embraces strong teamwork and mentorship, supporting the daily development of my team."

Incorporate a call to action

Conclude your About section with an invitation for your readers to connect, explore your projects, or engage with your thought leadership content. This call-to-action transforms readers into active participants in your professional journey.

4: Feature your content 

This section is often underutilized. Leverage this section to highlight significant achievements, projects, podcast appearances, or thought leadership articles. This section allows you to provide deeper expert insights and is an opportunity to give your profile depth beyond the standard entries.

5: Proactively pursue recommendations and endorsements

 It’s one thing to tell your network what you do well, but having someone else provide a testament is a powerful tool for building credibility. They act as testimonials to your skills and professional demeanor. Don’t be shy to ask for recommendations from colleagues, clients, or mentors. These endorsements are influential, especially for executives and emerging leaders.

The art and science of marketing leadership
I’ve concluded that what it takes to successfully steer the marketing function of any business is found at the intersection of growth and bravery.

A strong  LinkedIn profile tells a complete and compelling story. It’s a blend of professional facts, achievements, and personal narratives. It's your journey, told in a way that resonates with your network and potential connections. 

As a growing professional, you are evolving and changing. Staying in lockstep with your profile and committing to keeping it updated and dynamic is one of the best ways you can position yourself to ensure the business world knows your value. Everyone has a unique story and yours deserves to stand out in the blur of billions.

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