You might have attended our events (whether in-person or virtual), but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a speaker?

Wonder no more, as we caught up with Bonnie Habyan, CMO of X-Caliber Capital, who spoke at our Virtual CMO Summit 2023. Bonnie spoke on the panel "Women in leadership, perspectives from the C-Suite", and we wanted to hear more about her experience as a speaker.

Hi Bonnie! Thank you for being a speaker! What were your motivations for speaking at the Virtual CMO Summit 2023? Was there anything particular about the event that attracted you?

CMO Alliance has a strong brand and a deep network of marketers across the globe.  I thought it would be a great experience to learn from global marketers and a wonderful opportunity to help share insights with those aspiring to climb the ladder to a leadership role.

What were your main highlights of being a speaker at the event?

I truly enjoyed engaging in important and timely conversations with an accomplished group of passionate marketing leaders, and absolutely loved hearing from participants during the live event and afterward from across the world. I was thrilled to be able to establish new relationships with some of those who reached out and I'm excited to stay in touch with them along their career journeys.

You were a big part of our panel discussion on “Women in leadership, perspectives from the C-Suite”. What would you hope are the main insights that people who attended the panel took away?

I hope they took away three things.

First, marketing is constantly evolving and to be successful, marketers need to be perpetual learners.

Second, the CMO role has significantly changed over the last decade, and those in the role need to continue to expand and embrace new skill sets to help leverage and maximize technology.

Third, those looking to become a CMO need to know they can do it - just be patient, work hard, and love what you do. It will come to you.

Has being involved in the event encouraged you to get more involved with the CMO Alliance?

Yes. The team was very supportive, organized, and professional, and represented the brand very well.

Would you recommend others to pursue ambitions to be a speaker at one of our events?

I happen to love speaking and for those who also enjoy it, I highly recommend they engage as a speaker as it's both a wonderful learning experience and a way to pay it forward to others in the industry who can learn from your wisdom.

Thanks again, Bonnie!

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