State of Market Research 2023 survey

Market Research

Marketing requires a ton of research, which means it’s essential to know whether you’re doing it right.

To help you unlock the perfect research process, we’re partnering with leading market research provider, Semrush, to discover how it’s currently conducted across a variety of industries, regions, and roles.

Join us in lifting the lid on why and how marketing leaders across the globe are planning and conducting market research by completing our survey.

This report will be a comprehensive overview of the entire process, and we need answers to questions like:

  • How regularly is market research conducted in your organization?
  • What are the goals of your market research?
  • Who’s responsible for conducting your market research, and what tools are they using?

Share your organization’s approach with us to be a part of shaping the best practices on market research.

With your insights…

We’ll do a total deep dive and bring you an unmissable report detailing:

  • Market research best practices across different organization sizes.
  • The most effective tools to use for market research for a broad range of different circumstances.
  • The most important sources of market research.

And much more…

Your input is fundamental in equipping marketing leaders - like you and your peers - with all the information you need to implement the perfect market research method, bring in happy customers, and rake in those sales.

About our sponsor: Semrush

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Semrush is your digital team member - your analytics buddy, your mentor, your safety net, and a compass to new markets.