The Data-driven CMO 2022 survey

Data & Analytics

Data and modern marketing are intrinsically linked. It dictates how you can target the right audience, tells you what marketing strategies are the most effective, and much more. We’re at the point where if you’re a CMO, you’re a Data-Driven CMO.

That’s why we’re putting together a new report, the Data-Driven CMO Report, and we’re giving you the opportunity to provide your insights. With your help, we’ll be able to put together a comprehensive overview of how CMOs approach data, which will help CMOs, yourself included, know the best practices in how to collect and strategize around data.

Fill in the survey below to have your say. All information you provide in the survey will be kept anonymous in the final report (although we might contact you directly if there's something particularly interesting we'd like to expand on).

Why are we conducting this survey?

In our Growth CMO 2021 Report, we found that 4 in 10 CMOs say they don’t have access to enough data to meet their goals. With data being so important, we decided we needed to find out how and why CMOs can improve their relationships with data, both now, and in the future with increasingly strict data protection laws constantly on the horizon.

We want to know…

  • The types of data that are most important to you as a CMO, and how you’re utilizing them.
  • What tools you’re using to collect and analyze data, and how satisfied you are with them.
  • How you’re training your marketing teams to utilize data.
  • How you’re planning for changes to how you can collect data in the future.

With this information, we’ll put together a comprehensive report on what it means to be a Data-driven CMO in 2022, to help you and other CMOs utilize data more effectively to create brilliant marketing strategies.

Fill in the survey today to be part of this report and help shape the CMO role in years to come.

Completed the survey and want to continue the conversation about how CMOs approach data? Head to the CMO Alliance Community Slack channel to join the conversation with CMOs from around the world!