Our 6-week CMO Accelerator course is designed to give you everything you need to develop your skills to become an outstanding CMO, based on practical lessons and insights from marketing leaders.

We caught up with a recent alumnus, Marian Racasan, Product Marketing Lead at Tinybird, to get her thoughts on the course, what the big takeaways were, and how she plans on applying her learnings in the future.

Hi Mariana, what were your motivations for signing up for the CMO Accelerator course?

The course gave me the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become a modern CMO and accelerate my career. I really wanted to develop my ability to align marketing goals with the business goals, get team alignment, and management buy-in.

That the course allowed me to network with like-minded, very senior individuals that share the same goal was a big plus!

What was your biggest highlight from the course?

I found the panel discussions very interesting and insightful, the speakers were great!

I’ve also enjoyed the tutorial sessions in which we were given the opportunity to work as a group and exchange learnings and experiences. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from my classmates.

How have you been applying what you've learned, and what do you plan on doing with it in the future?

I’ve been applying what I’ve learned in the course in my current role so I can be seen as a strategic member of the team.

While right now I’m not considering looking for a CMO/marketing leadership role, it’s not something I’m discarding in the future. I now feel more confident in my skillsets to become successful in this position.

What’s the next step for your professional development, and how do you think the CMO Accelerator course will assist with this?

My next step is to practice what I’ve learned in the real world. Specifically trying to focus on those skills that I know I need to work on, so I can iterate and improve on them.

Who would you recommend the course to?

If you’re an aspiring marketing leader, this course is for you!

Thanks, Mariana!

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