Sales and marketing alignment. We all want it. Some of us dream of it.

But it's time to stop sitting around and saying "wouldn't it be great if we could all work together?"

Brady Cohen is here with us on CMO Convo to share his 5 practical steps toward achieving sales and marketing alignment.

Time to stop dreaming, and start succeeding.

Key talking points

  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment, and why it's still so difficult to achieve.
  • Brady's 5 practical steps to marketing and sales alignment.
  • The importance of maintaining momentum. Alignment isn't "set it and forget it".

About the guest

Brady Cohen is a results-driven marketer who is passionate about leading high-performing teams and driving business growth through innovative digital marketing strategies. Brady has a track record of driving business growth through innovative digital marketing strategies. His expertise in team leadership, media planning, optimization, and automation has been honed through leadership roles at leading agencies as well as Progressive and Goodyear.

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