By 2026, Gen-Z will make up the largest consumer base in the US. As a result, CMOs around the world are scrambling to get inside the minds of zoomers. Which is why we're talking to Aidan Tighe today on how he's gone about developing strategies aimed at college students in the midst of a pandemic.

As the CMO of a MOSEA, a new payment-sharing platform that's yet to officially launch (at time of recording), Aidan hasn't had access to the data other CMOs might have access to in order to develop strategies. Instead, he's taken a direct, grassroots approach to research and market his brand to a generation that can spot inauthenticity from miles away.

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Key talking points

  • How Aidan has been identifying the wants and needs of college students to build marketing strategies.
  • The importance of authenticity and shared values to Gen-Z when it comes to brands.
  • A brief look at the importance of TikTok in reaching Gen-Z audiences.

About the guest

Aidan's passion for marketing evolved from running events and parties from high school through college. His philosophy has remained largely unchanged: identify what people want, where they want it, and how to deliver it in the most effective, enjoyable way.

Fresh from university, Aidan co-founded MOSEA, a new platform for splitting payments aimed at Canadian college students. He's made it his mission to get to know his audience and their needs on a direct, grassroots level.

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