Leaders need someone they can trust to help shoulder the burden. Think the Chancellor, the King's Hand, the consigliere. Who do CMOs have?

Enter, the CMO's chief of staff. This emerging role isn't the norm just yet, but it's making a huge impact in major organizations in supporting CMOs to tackle their diverse and high-pressure challenges.

As soon as we heard about this role, we knew we wanted to find out more, which is why we spoke to one of the pioneers of the role: Chloe Washington, Chief of Staff to the CMO at Hubspot.

Along with Jim Williams, CMO of Uptempo, we're taking a look at the challenges facing CMOs, and how a Chief of Staff could be the secret to overcoming them.

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Key talking points

  • The challenges facing CMOs, and how a chief of staff can help them overcome them.
  • How a chief of staff operates in organizations like Hubspot.
  • Advice for both becoming a chief of staff and making the right choice when hiring one.

About the guests

Chloe Washington

Chloe Washington has career-long experience using technology to bridge inefficiency gaps within companies of all sizes and throughout multiple industries.

Her experience running high-level marketingops and project management at major brands like MailChimp and FortyFour has paved the way for her role as Chief of Staff at Hubspot, where she plays a key role in creating, aligning, and prioritizing marketing strategies, goals, and budgets.

Jim Williams

Jim loves working for early-stage and growth-oriented technology companies to jump-start and scale revenue. He's a strategic executive who can also manage tactical demand programs that generate quality leads, pipeline, and revenue. Adept at 'growth hacking' (even though Jim hates the term!) with innovative campaigns, and have experimented in many areas of the modern marketing technology stack.

He's putting all of this into practice with his current role as CMO of Uptempo.

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