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The days of brands just being faceless monoliths are long gone: today, brand stories need to be built around people. But why is that the case, what advantages does it bring, and how can CMOs tell people-centric stories?

Our guest on this episode of CMO Convo, Erin McLean, is here to share her answers to those questions by drawing on her experiences as the CMO of eSentire.

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Key talking points

  • The core components of a good brand story.
  • The role people play in building and telling a brand story.
  • Are customers looking for a more human connection with brands?
  • What role do CMOs have in connecting employees to a brand?

About the guest

Before she even got into marketing, Erin McLean has been a high achiever. How many CMOs do you know who have represented their country at the Olympics, as Erin did as part of the Canadian softball team. But rather than rest on her laurels, Erin has forged a name for herself in the marketing world.

Her focus has been a blend of business, marketing and human resources, skills which she brought to bare in telecommunications, working at Bell Canada, one of Canada's largest carriers.

With that experience, she worked with the Canadian Olympic commitee in the run up to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

She then made the jump over to security services at the Herjavec Group, where she she led the marketing efforts that moved them from a national audience to a global presence.

Recently, she transitioned to eSentire, one of the world's leading authorities on managed detection and response, as CMO.

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