Diversity: a quota that needs to be filled, or an essential part of creating a great marketing team? Our guest this episode sits firmly in the latter camp: Maya Grossman, VP of Marketing for Canvas, the no.1 diversity recruiting platform.

She's joining us to share her approach to building a marketing team, the benefits of having diversity in mind when recruiting, and the role CMOs can play in increasing the diversity of their teams.

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Key talking points

  • What to prioritize when building a marketing team.
  • The importance of having a marketing team that reflects society and your audience.
  • Actionable insights in how to build an effective, diverse team.

About the guest

Maya is a marketing executive with fifteen years of experience taking products to market and driving growth for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Google, as well as fast growing startups. She is a speaker, a career coach and most recently the author of Invaluable: Master the 10 Skills You Need to Skyrocket Your Career, an unconventional business book for employees who want to deliver exceptional results.

As VP of Marketing at Canvas, Maya is a tireless evangelist for the benefits and need for diversity across every industry.

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