The world of big-tech companies and start-ups can often feel worlds apart, especially when it comes to marketing capabilities and requirements.

That's why we're joined once more by Gaston Tourn, CMO of Appear Here, to share his insights on the differences and similarities between start-ups and big tech, based on his experiences as CMO for several successful start-ups, and leading marketing teams at Google.

Not only does Gaston provide you with the information you need to know if you need to make a choice between start-ups and big tech in your career, he reflects on the lessons big-tech can learn from start-ups (and vice-versa), and gives you an indication of how your skills and responsibilities as a CMO can change as your organization grows.

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Key talking points

  • What different things do CMOs need to consider between start-ups and big tech?
  • Are there lessons to be learned on both sides?
  • How you can prepare your skills as your organization grows.

About the guest

Gastón made his start in marketing in big tech, and there’s few tech that’s bigger than Google. He worked with that giant in Buenos Aeries, Sao Paulo, and London. He moved on from Google to take the CMO role for several startups, including Bumble, in Frankfurt and London, with his current role helming the marketing for retail space start-up, Appear Here.

GastĂłn is passionate about storytelling in marketing and has spoken about it frequently, rooted in the lessons he learned from his Masters in Creative Writing.

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