Your website is often your first port of call for prospects and customers alike. But without technical SEO, you'll be losing out. It's a strong message, but often CMOs have to prioritize quick wins over long-term projects like technical SEO due to requests from their CEOs.

That's why this episode features CEO Craig Dunham of Deepcrawl, who is here to share his perspective on how CMOs can achieve buy-in from internal stakeholders on long-term projects like technical SEO.

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Key talking points

  • The importance of technical SEO to modern businesses.
  • How to balance the need for quick wins and long-term projects.
  • How to frame your proposals to get buy-in from CEOs and other stakeholders on the importance of technical SEO.

About the guest

Craig Dunham is a passionate marketing technology professional and
serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Deepcrawl, with responsibility
for leading on the company vision and strategy globally.

In his previous role, he served as General Manager of Financial Services
and Hospitality verticals at Guild Education, responsible to lead client
growth and retention strategy and execution; including marketing,
sales, and client service organizations.

In prior roles, Craig was the General Manager of Financial Services at Seismic (a leading sales and marketing technology platform). There, he was responsible for
driving go-to-market strategy,  customer success and product innovation
within Seismic’s Financial Services market vertical.

During his time at Seismic, Craig was also responsible for leading Seismic through its 2018 acquisition of the Savo Group, integrating all business functions.  Throughout his time at Seismic, Craig served as a member of Seismic’s executive leadership team that grew Seismic’s valuation from $15 million in 2013 to a $1.6 billion Series F in 2020.

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