The CMO role might be the most senior marketing position, but does that mean there's nowhere to go? What if your ambitions want to take you further?

Historically, CEOs have largely been drawn from CROs or CFOs. But more and more CEOs are appearing on the scene. One such example is Alan Gleeson, who returns to CMO Convo as the CEO and co-founder of Contento.

We spoke to him about how the opportunity came about, how he's developing his skills to meet the fresh challenges of the CEO role, and why it can be a major advantage to have CEOs with marketing backgrounds.

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Key talking points

  • The differences between leading as a CMO and as a CEO.
  • The advantages of CEOs with marketing backgrounds.
  • How to identify the opportunities to make that big step.

About the guest

Alan Gleeson entered the marketing world via economics and got his first real taste of marketing at Barclays as a Product Marketing Manager. Following the opportunity to head up the UK marketing of Paolo Alto Software, he has immersed himself in both the UK and US B2B SaaS landscape.

Having developed his skill as a Fractional CMO, he has recently stepped into the role of co-founder and CEO of B2B content platform company, Contento.

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