Think back to the heady days of the 2010s: the time of the digital revolution, where start-ups burst from the ground like flowers in springtime, backed by huge VC-driven budgets, and seemingly endless marketing resources to chase growth at all costs.

Seems like a distant memory in light of recent economic downturns and cost-of-living crises. But if we're not driving growth with marketing, what function should it be performing right now, especially with fewer resources?

If anyone knows what's what in the world of growth marketing, it's Sylvain Giuliani, Head of Growth at Census, and he's here to share what "doing more with less" really means right now.

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Key talking points

  • Should we still be focused on growth with marketing?
  • What marketing leaders should be pivoting to in the current climate.
  • What does "doing more with less" really mean?

About the guest

Sylvain Giuliani is a revenue leader and a mentor with a decade of experience building growth strategies for SaaS companies.

Currently Head of Growth and Operations at Census, Sylvain helps the fastest growing companies make sense of their customer data, and activate it across their business.

Previously he was the CRO at Pusher, a developer tool with strong product-led growth motion, where he built and led the Marketing, Sales, Data & Operations teams with 50+ commercial employees across the US and Europe. He grew user acquisition from a few hundred signups per month to over 15,000 and added more than 3,000 customers.

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