Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to how they watch TV, movies, and video content. But with all those different options, it can be hard to know where best to place your ads, since there's no consistent form of measurement for video, like Nielsen Ratings have done historically for linear TV.

That's why we're joined by Betsy Rella, Vice President of Research & Data at New York Interconnect, to go over the current state of video measurement, why it's a problem, and to lay down the challenge of fixing things for media and tech companies alike.

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Key talking points

  • The current state of video measurement, and why it's problematic for CMOs.
  • What's needed for success: the challenge for media companies and tech providers.
  • What the future could hold for video measurement.

About the guest

Betsy Rella is the Vice President of Research & Data at New York Interconnect, a joint venture among Altice USA, Charter Communications, and Comcast. NYI is paving the way for the future of TV media buying.

Betsy has extensive experience enabling large enterprise companies to utilize data and actionable data insights to inform media planning and targeting and execute closed-loop measurement. Prior to New York Interconnect, Betsy had experience working for media giants like TiVo, The Weather Channel, and Lifetime.

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